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Fly with me

with orit Guttman

Direction: Daniel Berbedesen alta

Scenography: Luca Nash

Costumes and assistance: Maite Brooks


A play taking the audience on a whimsical flight fuelled by laughter, suspended in rhythm. Emergency exits and safety belts become the props of a joy ride embracing turbulence in wide eyed enchantment.The imaginary aircraft is suspended in time and space enabling human fragility to take centerstage. Class differences instead of dividing, connect the improbable travel companions in moments of surreal routine.

Fly with me, a thought provoking one woman comedy show reflecting on daily life madness and the transitional condition of existence.

For all audiences, children from 5 years with the supervision of an adult.

Duration: 60 min.

The show is suitable for theatres, multi functional venues or unconventional spaces with or without stage.

Minimum required space: 6×4 m (we also offer a variation for limited space)

We supply our own technical equipment including audio and microphone.

For more information contact the artist +41 79 3465363