Elsa Lame


Suitable for business, private or family events in restaurants

Support by the restaurant is needed

About 1 ½ hours

Very conscientious. Each customer is a world to spoil with her personalized service. Her school is the surroundings,  her language the comedy. Her boss monitors her with a critical look. This will end up in a hilarious ending.

Ester Sata


Ideal for Open Days, private, family or business lunches/dinners in restaurants

To be agreed

Unexperienced secretary. She will take care of the details to the extreme, even the most insignificant ones, trying to put everyone at ease. Except for herself, as she comically gets stressed for everything. In between the meals she will offer funny games designed to build the team spirit. The participants will be involved in simple challenges, which yet require skill and cooperation thereby building the complicity within a group. Never forgetting the fun, however.  

Lucy Flash


For conferences, congresses, private or business lunches/dinners

The necessary equipment will be provided by the artist

To be agreed

A journalist working with “Time is Money Magazine”.  She will investigate how much time the employee needs to do his tasks during the free time; such as lacing up shoes, brushing  teeth, or more indiscrete questions like “how much time you need to fall in love”. She will make us laugh and reflect about this crazy, fast world. The animation is suitable for teambuilding meetings. It will end with a hilarious group picture.

Vera Asti Nenza

Gate Crasher

A good choice for private and business parties

To be agreed

A widow from a wealthy family in decay. She introduces herself into parties because she believes to find there a husband that saves her from ruin.  If she is offered a drink she takes three, the pastries end up in her pockets. She speaks very easily with each guest pretending to know him… and then finds a candidate among them who will save her… (from Vera Astinenza).

Carmen Lolita


For a varied audience, private or corporate

The necessary equipment will be provided by the artist

To be agreed

A diva and a director looking to finish their film. They take people from the audience at random to shoot short movies (horror, science fiction, soap opera, romanc etc.). All combined with humor and professionalism.

Which one of them would you like at your event?

Box of Emotions

For schools and kindergarten

Educational material that can be used as support in the field of emotional education. I propose an animation, a playful afternoon with “Clown Orit”. Participants will be entertained with Clown numbers at your place and I will introduce the Box of Emotions. It is possible to acquire a box.

Birthday party!

In your garden or room

60 min

I arrive by surprise, will do a little show… and then lots of games with music, theater and juggler. Recommended age: from 4 years.