Courses for children, teenagers, young adults, and adults

Summer courses

From 5 to 12 years

Steiner Theater School Minusio

From 15.07 to 19.07 and 22.07 to 26.07 from 09:00 to 12:00

250 CHF

Discover the theater and the world of the clown! Through various exercises with tools such as ropes, hats etc. we will work on coordination, balance, fluency and physical flexibility. We will play together therby awakening the sensitivity and perception of space, of different roles, of physical sensations and emotions. This will then all be combined in small individual and group shows that spontaneously arise from theatrical improvisation.

Limited seats

Teenagers & adults

Theater, mime and clown

Steiner School (Minusio)

21.07 and 22.07 14 from 14 to 17hs

180 CHF ( 6 hs)

Movement / Space / Presence / Rhythm / Improvisation / Comedy / Mime and clown techniques

Aims to create awareness of body and movement achieved with exercises of body expression in terms of presence, trust, interaction, rhythm, stage space and non-verbal communication. I invite all those who wish to have fun and thereby discover and develop their expressive abilities. Previous theater experience is not necessary.

Please join us! contact and information: +41 79 3465363


Theater, mime and clown

Monday: 17:00 (60 min) - Steiner school Minusio

kindergarden age: 16:00 (50 min) -Steiner school Minusio

500CHF (25 lessons)

We work on coordination, balance, fluency and physical flexibility through some excercises with tools such as skipping ropes, hats and more. Everyday we will play thereby awaking sensitivity to space, roles, physical sensations and emotions. This will all be combined in small individual and group numbers that arise through theatrical improvisation. At the end of the course we will celebrate with friends and family. A short show / demonstration of the work done will be performed.

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The theatrical game

Any place in Ticino for organize

Tuesdays and thursday free (children aged 5 to 6) 17:00 (children age 7 to 12

250 CHF (10 lesson)

Each lesson will start with a physical warm-up with skipping ropes, rubber bands, hula hoops and balls. This will help us develop a better coordination. During the first phase of the course I will teach theatrical play, integrating basic improvisational concepts combined with sensitive, imaginative and emotional expression exercises. In the second phase of the course, we will work on our courage to express an idea in space, on the physical rhythm and on the dramaturgical ability to tell a little story. We will put together individual and group numbers that will be presented at the end of the course in a festive final essay.

Minimum 6 students (max. 12)