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Ladri di Sogni (The thieves of dreams)

Show of mime and shadows

For theatres, multi-use halls, schools and festivals

Minimum stage space: 6.5 m width, 6.5 m depth, 3.5 m height (detailed technical data sheet available on request)

60 min

With Orit Guttman and Roberto Gerbolés

Written and directed by

Roberto Gerboles


Maria Barbara de Marco

Freely inspired by “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare. Show born 2017 at the LAC Lugano in cooperation with the Orchestra della Svizzera Italiana. Seen by more than 12’000 spectators.

The fabulous story of Fairy and Phyto  who live in the world of dreams. Caught stealing dreams by the entity that created them our greedy characters are expelled and doomed to live in the real world… there is much to discover… A dreamlike show full of comedy where the poetry of the mime intertwines with the cunning destined to fail, typical of clown comedy; in a poetic context, where shadows open the gaze to a magical world sometimes distant… but always present in each of us.

Vola con me (Fly with me)


For theaters, multi-purpose rooms, unconventional spaces with or without a stage

The scenography needs a space of 6 x 4 m (there is a version with reduced scenography), the artist can bring his audio system and headset microphone

60 min

By and with Orit Guttman


Daniel Berbedes


Gabriela Vortmann and Luca Nash

Costumes & Assistance

Maite Brook

The spectators are the passengers of an airplane that will take off with laughter. In this show the rhythm is king and you will find yourselves companions in a unique journey during the entire performance. Safety measures are forgotten, the panic of turbolences is recalled with joy and the disparity of treatment between the different classes and categories of this incredible flight is made fun of. ‘Vola con me’ Is a comedy show, a fun and crazy opportunity that will make you reflect about habits and life in its transitory aspect.


Comedy show, without words

For a varied audience. For street festivals, varieté, all kind of events

Necessary equipment is brought by the artist

25 min


Daniel Berbedés and Orit Guttman


Brenda de Pondé and Sebastian Mokepo

Sissi wants to get married… and live that day as desired by every woman, but… something goes wrong… The viewer discovers himself to be part of the scene, being transformed from a regular audience to be an intimate guest, involved in the singularity of seeing our bride being reborn stronger than ever. A reflection on the models and expectations that we inherited, on happiness and marriage. All in the clown language.

On the road

Clown show without words

For a family audience. Open space with the possibility of transit; people, bikes, etc.

The artist provides all the necessary equipment

To be established

By and with Orit Guttman

Street performances. A clown, passers-by and a joyful audience… A show made up of improvisations with the passing audience, perfect imitations, improvised games… endless opportunities that are seized on the spot thanks to the great experience of Orit. An example for this is the lakefront in Ascona, which turns into an open-air scenario during July. People have shown to appreciate it.

As a clown

Clownshow, without words

Suitable for kindergarten, elementary and middle school, camping, hotels and events. For children from 4 years as well as grown-ups of all ages

Requires a stage of 6 x 8 m, either outdoors or indoors

20 min / 60 min

By and with Orit Guttmann

A fast succession of numbers of great simplicity, where the participation of the audience is king. The spectators get involved in games and fantastic mimic stories. This show is very varied thanks to its dynamic and comedy.