Orit Guttman

As a child I loved to dance all the rythms I heard around me… and in Buenos Aires there is music everywhere. I was a very expressive and extroverted child. Whenever I could, in a few moments, I came up with  hilarious numbers. All sorts of shows: danced, recited and stand-up. My urgency to perform was so strong that the stage had become my home.

The turning point happened when I was 18. I was walking down a road and saw him: a mime. His name was Carlos and was offering imaginary flowers to the people passing by. It was love at first sight that changed my life: the encounter with that universal language, the discovery of an expression aimed at emotions and feelings made me recognize the possibility to arrive at people’s hearts without deviation. I fell in love… leaving erverything else.

With a backpack and an old, fake-leather briefcase filled with mime make up, white gloves and lots of hope I started travelling to confront myself with other cultures and test my skills. The connection with my Jewish genes helped me adapt to the new places and challenges I was facing.

Argentina, Uruguay, 2 years in Brazil, New York, Japan, Israel and then Europe: Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and finally Switzerland… where I found my home and built my family.

I owe my education to the Dimitri theatre school in Verscio: a fortifying experience and a passionate and intense challenge. An unforgettable experience, both professional and human, was the encounter with the great clown Dimitri. At that time I started to create my comic roles. One day as I was playing with characters, Elsa Lame, my comic-waitress was born. After that I had much fun inventing many more.

In 30 years of experience I have produced many shows, collaborated with other companies and participated in a lot of projects. My love for sharing led me to invest much time in teaching theatre, where I focus on mental flexibility, expressiveness and fun.

I love to make people laugh and stimulate different emotions, make them reflect through the art of the clown and mime, and create well-being and joy around me.

Artistic education


Classical ballet and Spanish dances, with Azucena Ferrari (Buenos Aires)


Theatre, Alejandro Lehrer (Buenos Aires)


Body expression dance with Andrea Shumawetzel (Buenos Aires)


Theatre training, with  Pucho Medrano (Buenos Aires)


Creative dance, with Marcela Minetti (Buenos Aires)


Mime seminars with Carlos Cardozo (Buenos Aires)


Balinese theater course, Balinese masks and Bufon,  with Jorge Lopez


Clown technique with Raquel Sokolowitcz (Buenos Aires)


Theater, dance, acrobatics, rhythm, pantomime, comedy of art, masks, clown, dance theater, voice, makeup(Dimitri Theater School of Verscio)


Art comedy with Federico Caprara (Lugano)


Intensive clown seminar with Philippe Gaulier (London)


Intensive clown seminar with Pierre Byland (Locarno)


Intensive clown seminar with Jef Johnson (Camedo)

Teatral Productions


Street shows (Buenos Aires, Villa Gesell, Mar del Plata, Mendoza, La Pampa, Montevideo, Porto Allegre, Florianopolis, Curitiba, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Olinda, NY, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Porto Banus, Marbella, Paris, Nice, Cannes, Venice, Amsterdam, Oldemburg, Brussels, Luxemburg, Zurich, Luzern, Basel, Geneve, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Lugano, Ilanz, Locarno and Ascona)


A su turno cada cual (for schools in Mar del Plata, Argentina)


Buscando la alegria (grupo LOF, nominated for the “Stella di mare” award, Argentina)


Mimando (sponsored by the ministry of culture of Porto Alegre and di Rio di Janeiro, Brasile)


Giocando col silenzio (performed in kindergarten in Ticino)


La crociera (Dimitri school Company, for schools of the canton Ticino)


Variété Varietà (Theatre Dimitri, Verscio)


Teatro viaggiante (show on the travelling train, Dimitri school of Verscio)


C’est du theatre (Dimitri school company of  Verscio, toured in Switzerland, Germany, Palestine and Israel)


Teatrando (duo Orit and Roberto, “teatro sotto una buona stella”, Locarno)


Mimorit (Dimitri festival 25 years, Appenzell, Casino of Luzern)


Clowns Orit and Roberto (Swiss consulate Lyon, France and Swiss Park Japan)


Margherita e il circo ambulante (mit Vered Berkovich, Tel Aviv)


Mime@music (with live music with Willy Claure,; Graubünden, Locarno and Lugano)


Lino il topolino coraggioso (for the schools of the canton Ticino)


Dream Market (Company “I mercanti dei sogni” with Chiara Tassi, Ticino)


Affogato nel caffè (with Chiara Tassi, La Fabbrica Losone)


In chiave di clown (Solo Show, theatre festival –  Scollinando, Lugano;  Terra e laghi, Italy)


Babar (Company of ex-Dimitri students, for Swiss German schools – Casino of Zug)


Si…si! (Festival of street artists; Ascona, Luxembourg, Notte bianca Locarno, Terra e laghi Italia, Scollinando Lugano, Biel)


Vola con me   –   ‘”Fly with me”  (Cevio, Lugano, Airolo, Giubiasco, Magadino, Verscio, Locarno)


Sogni d’amore  –  “Dreams of Love” with  R. Gerboles, for the schools of the canton Ticino;  with the Orchestra della svizzera Italiana OSI, at the Theatre Lac in Lugano)


I Ladri di sogni –  “the thieves of dreames” (with Roberto Gerboles, Magadino)